The Biomicrofluidics Research Laboratory led by Prof. Ali Beskok focuses on the study of microfluidic and nanofluidic transport phenomena and the design of fluidic devices with applications in healthcare, energy systems, and biochemical analysis.

About Us

Biomicrofluidics lab, where we design, build and test Lab on a Chip devices for biomedical, environmental monitoring, and food/water safety applications. We also perform numerical simulations of mass momentum and energy transport in micro and nano-scales, using continuum based and atomistic methods.

Recent Publications


  1. Nguyen, C. T., & Beskok, A. (2020). Water desalination performance of h-BN and optimized charged graphene membranes. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 24(5).

  2. Koklu, A., Giuliani, J., Monton, C., & Beskok, A. (2020). Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Nanomolecules by AC Electrothermal Flow Facilitated Impedance Immunosensor. Analytical Chemistry.

  3. Sabuncu, A. C., Beskok, A., & Rosero, E. (2020). U.S. Patent Application No. 16/671,299.

Latest News

  1. Dr. Beskok's talk at Iowa State University (September 12, 2017)

  2. Amin Mansoorifar received the best poster award at Microfluidics congress, Philadelphia (July 26, 2017)

  3. Anil Koklu elected as outstanding graduate student by ASME North Texas section (April 12, 2017)

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