Prof. Beskok and Prof. Chiao recent talk about a Lab on a Chip Device for Detection of COVID-19 Antibodies

For contagious and infectious diseases, it is critical to effectively and quickly determine the spread of infection for a large population. This Download will introduce a multiplexed microfluidic sensor platform named Multiplexed Assay for the Immune Response to COVID-19 (MAIRC) to detect specific immunoglobulins. MAIRC is based on electrical impedance detection, nanorod-surfaces, and alternative current electrothermal (ACET) flow control for efficient antibody binding and sensing. The disposable microchip and miniaturized electronics make MAIRC a fast, portable point-of-care device that can be used anywhere. It will provide real-time, accurate information about individual patients’ profiles of antibodies for personalized precision treatment and a way of reliable public risk assessment to combat the current and upcoming pandemic crisis.


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